Research post-2012

Lee Gregory Head Shot E

Photo credit: Rhiannon Morgan

Church of England Children’s Savings Scheme

May 2015 – November 2015

Funded by CHASM

The intention of this project is to develop an understanding of the policy formulation process involved in the CoE activity in developing the children’s savings accounts delivered through primary schools. This will require an exploration of the rationale for the CoE’s efforts to tackle financial exclusion and its focus on children’s savings accounts; an investigation into the key aims and policy goals and relate this to wider literature on youth savings; and an examination of the practices set up to implement the savings initiative.

Secondary School Savings Initiative

May 2015 – January 2016

Funded through ESRC IAA Secondment fund

The secondment initiative would seek to place the researcher within the team involved in the development and implementation of the young person’s savings account. Through the secondment it will be possible to work alongside Council staff in the evaluation and development of the savings scheme in the lead into the new academic year starting in September 2015. This will involve some initial discussions around implementation as well as some initial evaluation work with current recipients to explore potential explanations for low take-up. Through this initial work the secondment will facilitate a re-design of the policy to be implemented in September with some evaluation of impact and take-up of the account.

Welfare Futures

Lee has taken on the co-ordinator role for this research group at the University of Birmingham, School of Social Policy and is currently working to re-activate and re-engage the group through a seminar series focused on future developments in welfare provision and social policy. The webpage can be found here


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