Research Activities pre-2012

Screenshot 2014-04-11 20.27.32Board of Celtic Studies

Research funding awarded to Prof. Mark Drakeford to carry out research into credit unions in Wales, on which I was the research assistant.  Research output: here, here and here

ESRC +3 Studentship

This was a funded studentship awarded by Cardiff University, supporting PhD study from October 2009 to September 2012. See current research for full details of the research.

1010534_10152985995450315_1608521592_nImproving health through participation: time banks as a site for co-production


Co-production is a term that has gained increased attention as governments seek out new ways for organising and delivering public services which involve citizens. One way of developing co-production is time banking, a form of community currency that has developed in the UK since the 1990s and is gaining increased policy attention with Governments in England and Wales. This research examines the relationship between time banking and co-production within health care. The starting point of the study is two-fold. First there is an interest in the claimed health benefits of time banking and its potential for service delivery. To explore these issues the research specifically examines the mechanisms which generate social capital and social networks through time bank participation to offer a more nuanced analysis of the health outcomes currently found in the literature. Building on this, action research was carried out with health service providers in the South Wales Valleys to examine the applicability of time banking, and therefore co-production to local service delivery. Second, the analysis of these health care interventions seeks to reposition time bank theory. Drawing on the social theory of time the analysis explores how time banking is co-opted into government programmes despite its radical political potential which offers an alternative to neo-liberal capitalism. Consequently the original contribution of this research is the repositioning of current time bank theory to offer a more nuanced understanding of the possible impacts upon health through time banking and a theoretical framework from which to articulate political goals with greater clarity.

Accessible electronically from:

Policy Research Group

I was one of the founders of a Policy based research group at Cardiff University which secured funding from the Research Graduate School. The intention was the set up a interdisiplinary group across a number of schools in the university. I have since convened the group since February 2010 and operate the website used to promote and advertise the groups activities: here

Conference OrganisationDSCF9926

I was one of the key organisers of the Contestations and Continuities: Health and Welfare in the Big Society, postgraduate one day conference at Cardiff University. As part of the dissemination of this conference I set up this website: here


dscf00011I was one of two organisers who devised, set-up and organise a network for researchers into time banking. Together we secured funding from the Social Policy Association wnd support in kind from NESTA to run a launch event for the network and continue to work on the day-to-day running of the network (website link to follow).


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