Bus Reads: Getting By: Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain

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Starting off a new effort to get blogging I have decided to kick-off with a new category of blog posts: Bus Reads. Basically its a book review section of books I have read on the bus – quite simple.

McKenzie, L. (2015) Getting By: Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain. Britain: Policy Press

There are quite a few terms branded about in relation to this text: poverty, austerity, inequality are just some. But this really produces what I felt was the key challenge for the text as a whole, a potential lack of focus. There is some initial discussion of poverty but this is not really defined or linked to any of the contemporary definitions of poverty. However you get the impression that this is not really the focus as the discussion moves beyond this initial, and brief, focus on poverty to consider class and culture – specifically working class…

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ASAP Manifesto Audit 2015

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ASAP UK 2015 Election Poverty Audit InfographicI was asked to take part in an audit of the political manifestos for the organisation Academics Stand Against Poverty, ASAP. Focusing on Social Security my contribution, along with the contributions from an number of academics, has now been published and I copy the press release below. To find out more go to: http://www.ukpovertyaudit.org/

Conservatives and Labour disappoint, Greens take the lead in manifesto commitments to address poverty 


London, 23 April 2015: Ahead of the 2015 General Election, a group of leading academics, Academics Stand Against Poverty UK, have published an audit of the main political parties’ manifestos measuring their policies’ impact on UK and global poverty. 

Each party and policy area has been scored on their impact, with the key findings as follows:

  • The Conservatives and Labour are cautious and lack creativity in addressing poverty in the UK, scoring no more than average across the board.
  • Labour significantly outperforms…

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A tidy up

In an effort to encourage myself blog more frequently and keep on top of the online presence I have spent a bit of time doing a bit of early spring cleaning. So the bibliography is now up to date and a number of pages have re-organised. But the main change has been the new blog link in the pages tabs at the top which leads to the blog which I will now be trying to update at least weekly (hopefully).