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New Book Chapter

Drakeford, M. and Gregory, L. (2011) ‘Governance and Social Policy in a Devolved Wales’; in Social Policy for Social Welfare Practice in a Devolved Wales. (Second Ed.) Williams, C. (ed) Venture Press: Birmingham

The chapter outlines the development of devolution in Wales outlining the stages through which legislative powers of the Welsh Assembly has increased. It then reviews ideological and local government issue relevant to social work practice before considering the impact of devolution on social welfare provision


What Else Works? Creative work with offenders

Exploring the potential of local intiatives to develop effective work with offenders and other socially excluded groups, the chapter by Drakeford and Gregory explore the potential of asset-based polices (such as the Child Trust Fund), credit union and time banks.

Details of the book can be found here

Time: a new approach

Another publication on time banks is now available online. Writing for Ideas Wales, a labour supporting think tank, this paper discusses the ideas of time banking and co-production and then presents five policy ideas using time banks which could be developed by Welsh Labour.

You can download a copy from the publications section here