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Neo-liberal Compensation or Radical Alternative

Presentation at today’s post-graduate conference at Cardiff University, Contestation and Continuations: health and welfare in the big society,


This presentation brings together a recently published Working Paper at Cardiff University by the author with some theoretical insights currently being developed and pursued.  It argues that recent economic recession and governmental response to the crisis have created a number of problems for social policy provision in the UK. One potential solution to this problem of social policy is time bank supported co-production. This term, co-production, is defined before its relationship to the big society is explored. With this context set a more critical account of the big society and time banking is developed to set up a debate.  Is time banking a tool for neo-liberal welfare retrenchment, or does it offer a radical alternative: an alternative which can be uncovered in its relationship to time. Some discussion of the temporal dimension is brought out at the end of this presentation which concludes that the tension between these two possible arguments results from the original construction of the time banking idea and that the radical potential is both understated and overlooked.

Neo-liberal compensation or radical alternative

An audioboo recording of this presentation can be accessed here